Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I Would Name My Pets After

I love animals. I currently am the mom to 11 cats and 5 dogs. My parents also have 9 cats and 2 dogs, which I spend a lot of time with, and treat like they are my own. SO, this subject is not a hard one for me. Many of our animals have been named after characters. Since my whole family are huge movie fans, I am going to divide this into 5 book characters and 5 movie characters. I will stick with names I have used. The animal pictures are actual pictures of my animals named after these characters. I would appreciate it if these pictures were not shared.

Bookish Names:

5) Sawyer     This name was after Tom Sawyer from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.  This was a beautiful blue gray male cat that was very curious, and loved to explore. He was inquisitive and loving.


4) Savage    My son has a beagle named Savage after Savage Sam by Fred Gipson.  Savvy as we call him is far from savage. He is a very high energy beagle. My dad used to raise beagles and I do not remember having one with as much gumption as Savvy.


3) Bunny Blue   I actually have used this name for two of my pets. We have an all black German Shepherd female whose name is Isis Blue. We also have a long haired male Chihuahua named Cubby Bunny, who is known as Pup Pup.  This book was my favorite as a child. My Grandma would read it to me every time I asked her to. When my Grandma passed away I was given this book from her collection.

                                                                     Isis Blue

                                                                     Cubby Bunny

2) Caspian      We had a beautiful Snowshoe cat. At the time we were given him by a close friend I was reading The Hollow by Jessica Verday. So I elected to name him Casper, which was a nod to Caspian.


1)  Little Ann    Little Ann is my dad's chocolate lab. She is sweet and loving. She is named after Little Ann from Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.

                                                                       Lil' Ann

Movie Names:

5) Chewy     Chewy is because he liked to chew on everything as a kitten, but he never would have been Chewy without Star Wars. Chewy is a boy and a Ragdoll.

  4) Flower   Flower is a boy. He is named after the skunk on Bambi. He is a cat with patchwork of white and striped brown and black.

 3) Buddy     Buddy is named after the Disney Air Bud movies. He was a big, beautiful dog that was half Golden Retriever, half Irish Setter. He was big, and klutzy, but a giant teddy bear who would protect the kids no matter what!

2) Sydney     Sydney was named after Annette Bening's character from the movie The American President. Sydney was a girl and a cat. She was given to me by my parents when I was in college. When I moved out my mom would not let me take her with me, so she stayed with my parents. She was patchy with white and black.

1) Sinbad        Sinbad was a boy cat. He was Siamese. He was named after the movie The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

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  1. I love the name Sawyer, and what a beautiful cat. And I like Savvy as short for Savage, nice. Blue and Caspian too- another gorgeous cat!

    I love that you named a cat Sinbad! I love those old movies...

    1. Thanks I love the old Sinbad movie too! Cheesy, buy cheesy good! I have been blessed with some gorgeous critters over the years, thanks for noticing!

  2. Your pets are so cute!
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  3. Your pets are so beautiful! And these are all such great names!