Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday! My Top Ten Bookish Problems!

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I have lots of book problems! I will limit my list to ten!

1. Not enough storage space for all my books!
2. Not enough time to read them all!
3. I'm a book hoarder. It's hard to get rid of them!
4. Reading my own library, instead of going to the library in town. This is a major issue!
5. Reading several books at the same time, and getting the plots confused. Anyone else?
6. Figuring out what to read next.
7. Not loving the book that EVERYONE else loves!
8. Incorrect grammar and words spelled wrong, drives me crazy!
9. When the book jacket description doesn't even come close to matching the book.
10. When the cover picture looks nothing like the characters described in the book.

What are your bookish problems? Anyone agree, disagree with mine?

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