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Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: The Most Dangerous Animal of All

I just finished reading The Most Dangerous Animal of All by Gary L. Stewart. It is very hard to review this. The book is basically three stories in one novel. The true story of Gary Stewart's abandonment and adoption make up one part of the book. This part of the book is interesting and an inspiring read. The second "story" is all about the Zodiac killer. The third "story" is about how Gary Stewart comes to be convinced that his birth father, and the Zodiac killer, and the same person.

The reader, from the beginning, is lead to believe that Mr. Stewart has proven with DNA that he is the son of the Zodiac. The sad fact is, that is never proven. Most of Mr. Stewart's claims, are just that, claims, that cannot be backed up with proof.  Mr. Stewart's birth mother gives several versions of stories and seems to be confused on what actually happened in her past. Several of the birth father's relatives refuse to even talk to Mr. Stewart.  I believe that some part of him wants to know his father so much, that he will take any information he finds and twist it to fit his fantasy. Some of his results, upon scrutiny, just don't stand up. Some of his "proof" is so generalized, it could fit a million different men.

The second part of the book takes what is known about the serial killer "The Zodiac", and places Stewart's birth father into his shoes. This part is written like a novel with assumptions and possibilities that could never be established as truth, because his birth father is deceased. I did not like this part of the book at all and found it distracted from the other two "parts" of the book.

The story of Stewart's birth and raising and finding his family, is worth reading. His story is inspirational. People need to know that abandonment should not stop you from becoming a good, valuable person. It is also good to know that we are not our parents, and we don't have to make the mistakes they made. This section is a wonderful reminder that adoptive parents can raise wonderful children, even those who come from terrible parents.

The third part of the book should be called "Why I Think My Dad Was The Zodiac". The majority of these claims are not backed up with substantial evidence. Some of the claims are so far fetched that you will find yourself wondering how the ideas even got into the author's head. The credibility of the author is very lacking throughout this section of the book.

As you can most likely tell from reading this review, the combining of the three parts into one story leaves you with a disjointed, hard to follow, story. I really wanted to like the book. I certainly feel sympathy for Gary, and for anyone who looks for their birth parents and gets an answer that they didn't want. Anyone who is the child of a serial killer deserves our sympathy. I'm just not convinced that Gary Stewart is the child of a serial killer.

I certainly love a good true crime read. I would not classify this book as true crime. Maybe this should be in the memoir section. Maybe the writer should have held off writing this book until more proof for his claims was obtained.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas.....and a giveaway!!

Sorry that my posts have been nonexistent lately! I am SO happy that everyone reads the blog and I love my followers!! and my visitors! Since I have been so absent, as an apology I am offering a giveaway to my followers. ALL, international too!! YEAH!! So, what I need from you is a comment telling me your favorite thing about Christmas and a way to contact you, and the way you follow me. Easy, Right!?! SO get to entering....Oh wait!! What will you win? Well I have some books that are waiting to be read, and I will give up to $2 in e-books. E-books will be gifted from Amazon, so you must be able to receive those, those are for international or U.S. followers. U.S. followers may also choose one of my books sent to you in the mail. I will have a list of several choices.

The chosen winner must respond within 48 hours. All directions must be followed or you will be disqualified. I am not responsible for lost mail. BLAH know how it goes.....NOW, get to entering....and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!!!

This giveaway will end on January 1.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Few Kindle Freebies: Grab them quickly  a short dystopian Christmas story  Witches The Love of Jesus YA Sci Fi A Sweet Romance A Collection of Avalon short stories

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I'M Back!!! and Top Ten Tuesday

So sorry for the lack of posts. My computer has been in the shop and I have had no access, therefore no posts. BUT, finally I am back and apologize for not being here: SO on to this weeks Top Ten!!

Top Ten New To Me Authors I Read In 2014:

10. Kristin Pulioff- I read The Ivory Tower. It was a unique short story that moved quickly and had me on the edge of my seat. I would love to read more by this author. You can find her here:

 9. Sheri Fink- I read Five Days at Memorial. This made me question a lot of things that go on in hospitals. I did appreciate the unbiased writing style. Great for non-fiction fans.

 8. Elizabeth Esther- I read Girl at the End of the World. Ever wonder what the aftermath of growing up in a cult was like? If you are interested you can find your answers here.

 7. Jessica McHugh- I read Rabbits in the Garden. If you like quirky, creepy, strange, and weird, then check this one out. It will make your mother look like a saint!

 6. Adam Nevill- I read The House of Small Shadows. Did you ever wonder what it felt like to be losing your mind? You will after stepping into this book. Wonderfully creepy! You can find him here:

 5. Jolie du Pre- I read Benton. This was a nice mix of action, drama, and gore. There are some erotic scenes so this one is for adults only. You can find her here:

 4. Michelle Kilmer- I read When the Dead. You will care about this eclectic cast of characters who decide to stay put during the zombie apocalypse. You can find her here:

 3. Christy Sloat- I read The Brown House. I love my ghost stories and this one was my favorite of 2014.

 2. Peggy Martinez- I read the State of Decay:Omnibus. My new favorite zombie author of 2014. You can find her here:

 1. Hazel Gaynor- I read The Girl Who Came Home. I love history and I love the Titanic. This one was eye opening, and based on true people. You can find her here:

Who were your top ten newbies this year? I would love it if you would leave a comment. Thank you for visiting.
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