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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Jessabelle

So, this is what I watched yesterday. It was okay. There were a few scares, but the storyline was lacking. The lead actor and actress were not that great. The setting was eerie and the house was too. I didn't mind the voodoo as much as I did the ending.....blah.....and WOW didn't that explanation come easy. Probably only for horror fans who won't pick the plot apart too much. Not terrible, but not worth multiple views.


The best scares are the bathtub scene and the truck scene. Keep an eye open for those if you decide to check it out!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Just Between Us by Mario Lopez

This one was just okay for me. I did love Saved By the Bell but I guess I was more of a Mark Paul fan than a Mario fan. I didn't mind Mario, but I wouldn't say I was a fan. After reading this I have an even worse opinion of him. This is probably best for fans only.
There was not much here about Saved By the Bell. He did touch on Kids Incorporated. What I hated about the book was the way he treated the women in his life. Why does he name some of his loves, but leave others unnamed. Why throw the one who had an abortion under the bus, but leave the pop star unnamed? Something is fishy in Extra-land?! It makes me wonder if he has any sense of morals what so ever? This book left me feeling sorry for Ali Landry! I think Mario is a little full of himself. The only redeemer for him is that he loves his mom, and treats her with the utmost respect.
Luckily, this is a quick read!

Just Between Us

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Broken Monsters

Last year, The Shining Girls was one of my favorite reads. SO, I was expecting a lot from Broken Monsters. I wasn't disappointed. The book started out so well. Beukes is a wonderful writer and is excellent with suspense and horror. Detroit was a perfect setting for this story. The characters all had issues, but issues that you could relate to and sympathize with. This storyline was so bizarre, but in a good way. I love a unique story. It was also realistic. I don't think we will ever understand what killers are thinking or why they do the things they do. I didn't have a problem not knowing what was going on with the killer. I did have a problem with the supernatural "dream" elements. They were not needed for the story to succeed. In fact I found that they took away from the story. Maybe if they were only experienced by the killer they could have been overlooked, but drawing the other characters into his twisted outlook, in my opinion, ruined the story. It's sad because this could have been one of my favorites, the ending ruined that for me. Beukes is a wonderful writer and she should let her writing and her characters carry the story. She doesn't need the bizarre, out of left field, elements. Her stories are wonderful enough to succeed without them.

Broken Monsters