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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Veronica Mars: The Movie

Okay, I admit it, I am a Veronica Mars fan! I loved the show when it was on and was excited to see the follow up movie. Obviously these characters have not been seen in the same setting for many years. I don't believe you will be disappointed by what you see here! It was so interesting and made my day to see everyone back together, BUT the storyline was also very good! Veronica and all her old friends, and even her enemies are here! If you loved the love triangle, the snarky comments, the friendship, and the investigating, it is all included here! I was afraid that the filming itself might not be up to snuff since it was a low budget production, but I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful quality of the film. There are even some surprise guest stars that you won't believe are included in the film. So all you marshmallows should go out and get this, buy it, rent it, watch it. AND if you aren't a fan you should check out the series!!

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