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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books

10. Living Dead Girl Disturbing and thought provoking!

 9. After An eye opening look into a subject that no one wants to see!

 8. Spellcaster (Spellbound, #2) Witches, Time Travel, and Brenden! A Total Triple Threat!!

7. All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1) Anya is sassy, smart, and spunky. You should read about her!

6. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight My favorite romance!

5. The Pledge (The Pledge, #1) A wonderful story with an evil witch, and family secrets.

4. The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1) Greek mythology, with a twist that you won't see coming!

3. Whistling In the Dark A mystery, told by a ten year old, set in 1959.

2. The Hollow (The Hollow, #1) Ghosts, and Sleepy Hollow! Seriously, Why have you not read this?!!

1. Vicious Little Darlings Not for the faint of heart!! Unique! Weird! Not so patiently waiting for more by this author!!!! (Calling Katherine Easer!!!) HELLO, are you out there!!?? Still waiting!!!

What is your favorite story that no one else has read or heard of? Anyone read my recommendations? Agree, or disagree? Feel free to discuss :)


  1. Vicious Little Darlings does look so good! I must try and get my hands on a copy soon! :-)

    1. It is so strange you won't believe what you are reading. I loved it!! I love the author she is so nice and says she is writing more!!

  2. Love Goddess Test and Jennifer E. Smith
    I want Spellcaster! How have I never heard of that?
    Great list :)
    My TTT

    1. I loved Spellcaster. I don't know how no one has heard of it!?

  3. The Pledge and The Goddess Test are already on my to-read list! Thanks for sharing!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    1. I think you will enjoy both of those! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. OOh great list! Spellcaster looks good and I have just baught Goddess Test, Haven't read it yet though!

    1. Goddess Test is so good, and you should check out Spellcaster!