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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Movies: The Good, The Bad, and The Horrible!

I have been to the theater several times this summer. Some of my choices were great, others were stinkers! I really liked the entertainment value behind Jurassic World. It was two hours of action and edge of your seat excitement. It was (of course) VERY far fetched. Although, I wasn't expecting to much realism with a dinosaur film!
My stinker of the summer was Insidious 3. It should have been called Elise Returns. This was a supposed prequel to Insidious. There were no scares here. The writing was cheesy and it just wasn't as well done as the first movie. The ending leaves us with the impression that we may hear more from Elise. Personally I think they should just let her die, along with the series.
My fun movie of the summer was Magic Mike XXL. Obviously you don't go to this one for the storylines. I would have watched it for the gas station scene alone, "How much for the water and Cheetos?". It still makes me laugh! I found this one more comical than the first and was glad that they did away with the girlfriend drama of the first film.
What did you watch this summer? Any recommendations? What should I avoid?

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