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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October: A Month of Scares!!

October was a month of scares for me! Scary reads and scary shows and movies!! Following is a list of what I watched this month! Let me know what you think!

Scary shows:
1. Light as a Feather (Hulu)
2. Ghost Adventures:Artifacts (Hulu)
3. Haunted (Netflix)
4. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)
5. Picnic at Hanging Rock (Amazon)

All of these were good selections. I am hoping that some of these will have a second season. I watched all the episodes of each show and honestly enjoyed them all.

Scary movies:
1. Unfriended: Dark Web (DVD)
2. Imprint (Amazon)
3. Hell House LLC (Amazon)
4. Bad Ben (Amazon)
5. The Blackwell Ghost (Amazon)
6. Steelmanville Road (Amazon)
7. The House on Pine Street (Amazon)
8. Demon House (Amazon)
9. The Blackwell Ghost 2 (Amazon)

Of these films, Bad Ben and Steelmanville Road are about the same house. Demon House is the documentary made by Zak Bagans about a haunted Indiana house. The Blackwell Ghost and its sequel are documentary type movies made about a haunted house. The House on Pine Street is a movie about a pregnant woman who moves into a house and quickly believes it is haunted. Hell House LLC is a found footage film made in a haunted attraction. Imprint is a ghost story based around a Native American woman. Unfriended: Dark Web is a sequel, it's not that great. 

Out of all these films I enjoyed The Blackwell Ghost documentaries the most. I did like Imprint and The House on Pine Street was pretty good. Hell House LLC was pretty good if you like found footage. None of these movies were the best I have ever seen by any means.

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