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Sunday, November 13, 2022

October Movies! Late Halloween Post

 So yes, this is late. I had a house guest from out of state and an unexpected death in the family, so this post is way later than it should be.

I want to let you know what I watched for October. My favorite genre of films and my favorite Holiday. Here we go!

I am going to list these by where I watched in case anyone is looking for the title.

Tubi: Wait Til Helen Comes (based on a children's book),  Murder of Innocence (the story of Laurie Dunn), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Hulu: Abandoned, Run

Shudder: The Watcher

Netflix: Midnight Mass (limited series, not a movie)

Paramount +: Significant Other

Peacock: Stir of Echoes

Prime: Lavender, The Blackwell Ghost 7

So October was a bit of a blend of suspense, science fiction, a few scares, and even a true story. Some of these were old favorites. I was also able to catch some new releases. 

I really enjoyed all of these! I honestly can't say I didn't find any of them entertaining. By far my favorite watch was The Blackwell Ghost 7. After having seen part 6 of the films, I wasn't expecting much. I was highly surprised and honestly jumped a few times. I am a seasoned pro! It takes a lot for me to jump! So if you haven't heard of The Blackwell Ghost you might want to give the first movie a try. I know it was available on Tubi for free the last time I checked.

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