Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book Review: Life After Death

I must state that this is a review of the book only, not Damien Echols or his case. I didn't like the book. I believe that the three convicted in Echols' case should not have been convicted. I never really thought of Damien in a bad light. Maybe I am just naïve. I have watched all the movies and read many books on The Robin Hood Hill murders. I know that he acted strangely during some of the filming but I chalked that up to his young age and lack of education. After reading this book I can see that he is still uneducated. I feel terrible that he has lived his life in prison. I don't find that an excuse to blame everyone in any way he can for his jail time. I am a Christian and I don't like the fact that he states over and over how much Christians helped convict him. I wasn't the judge or jury, so I resent that. Because of the fact that Damien claims being blamed because of his looks and religious practices, you would assume he would be very careful not to treat others the way he has been treated. I am sure he was judged unfairly, aren't we all. Since I am overweight and Christian I am obviously one of those people who Damien hates. That hurts, as I am someone who has defended him over and over. I absolutely feel that Damien was wronged, but not by me, and no matter what it cannot be taken away. I agree that he has the right to be angry but believe he is blaming the wrong people, and in turn just doing what was done to him. I can't recommend this book to those who have researched this case. I came away from reading it with a terrible view of Damien. I wish I wouldn't have read this book. It was not well written. His cloying use of misspelling on purpose and prejudices against all sorts of people makes me cringe. The fact that he calls several people retarded throughout the book makes my stomach hurt. I think this book could have used some major editing and believe his wife should have helped him see that some of the things he wrote shouldn't be put into print for everyone to read. I still support the WM3 but Damien I hope and pray will get an education on how to have manners and how to treat people. I pray that he will find comfort and peace.

Everyone should also know that the title of the book in itself is misleading as it seems it would be about his life after getting out of prison. You won't find that here. This is basically writing that Damien did in prison and the book would have benefited from a different title. If you are interested in Damien's case I would recommend reading Devil's Knot by Mara Leveritt.

Life After Death

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