Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hemlock Grove Season One DVD Giveaway!

Here's the story! I ordered Hemlock Grove on DVD and it arrived with the box bottom dinged up, but still in plastic. I contacted where I ordered it from and they sent me a new one. SO, if you would like to win Hemlock Grove Season One on DVD, with a dinged up box. I seriously don't think the DVD's are affected at all. It is the bottom right corner of the box, and the plastic is still intact. Anyway, what do you have to lose, if it doesn't work, you can pitch it, if it does, you just got it for free!! SO enter at your own risk and cross your fingers!

I haven't watched the Season yet so I can't give an opinion. I have heard good things. My sister-in-law says it is unique and original, although not child friendly. You have been warned, this one is for adults only!

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You have until December 1st to enter to win! Good Luck!

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