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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Armchair BEA: Day Two- Aesthetic Concerns-Books and Blogs

   Do I judge a book by its cover? Sometimes! If I find the cover to be questionable I will read the book flap to see if it is a topic that will interest me. If the cover draws me in, I might pick up the book without knowing what it is about. Most covers are not enough to make me pick up a book. Many times even if I like the cover, I will read the flap before I decide. Some books surprise me. I have read books with beautiful covers that were bad. I have also read books with plain non-attention grabbing covers that managed to become my favorite stories.
    I do get confused sometimes when a cover does not go at all with the storyline. I really hate when the flap says one thing, and the story is different. I feel it is misleading to readers for the cover or flap to not go with the story. I guess most of my decisions are based on the flap and not the cover. The cover being different does not bother me nearly as bad as a flap or description that is misleading concerning the storyline.
   As far as books being standard for me I don't have that problem. I just love to read. I honestly do not care if the book is hardback, paperback. no slipcover, or kindle. I am more worried about the story inside than what the outside of my books look like. I do tend to arrange my shelves with series together, but that is more for ease of finding then for aesthetic reasons. Some of my series are a mix up of paperback, hardback, and kindle, all in the same series.

As far as my blog is concerned, I do the best I can to make the aesthetics as pleasing as possible. I do not have the advantage of some blogs. No one sponsors me or advertises on my blog. I do not make money doing blogging. The reason I blog is too mostly share my opinions and ideas and to connect with other readers and watchers. I wish some parts of my blog were more visually pleasing, but I am not skilled at all the pictures and links so I just do the best I can, and hope for readers who are forgiving. I guess I hope they will read what I have to say and worry less about how it looks.

I would like to gradually improve the aesthetic of my blog. Hopefully with summer coming up and schedules relaxing a little, I will be able to learn some new things that will help make my blog look better. If I never get beyond what I know now, that is okay too. This blog is for me, not to please anyone else. I do enjoy having people look at my blog and comment. I don't let that dictate when and if I will blog, or how I will go about doing it.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all are enjoying Armchair BEA!!!!

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