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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Book Review: Open Book by Jessica Simpson

I always thought Jessica was a bit of an airhead. I now realize that she was lacking life skills. She admits she was spoiled and her mother did everything for her. I don't find that to be that unusual. She did grow up in a conservative, Christian family. 
What I most appreciated was her honesty with an alcohol problem, self esteem issues, and sexual abuse. While most of us can't relate to her celebrity, we should all see that she has real life problems that we all have probably dealt with in some way.
The fact that she realizes that she is a work in progress is refreshing. I also thought it was wise to point out that the majority of her money has come from her clothing line, not her singing or acting.
I enjoy the fact that she is real and able to laugh at herself. One of the better celebrity biographies I have read.

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