Monday, July 21, 2014

Girl at the End of the World

I received an invitation from Blogging For Books to join their community. My first book selection was Girl at the End of the World.

I enjoyed the book. Having read several cult books, this one did  have a unique story to tell. I felt so sorry for Elizabeth. I can't imagine what it was like as the "cult" was made up of all of her family members. Her family were all in power positions and it was very hard for her to stand up to them.  The cult was the only life she had ever known. Meeting her husband was a huge turn around in her life. Starting her family also made her look at her own past differently. She was finally able to turn away from the only life she had ever known. A life of spankings, and will breaking, from the age of six months. A life with no outside influences. A life of strict adherence to rules and commands. A life with no choices or options.

Elizabeth and her husband Matt were finally able to break free from the cult. Elizabeth became slightly obsessed with TV and wanted everything on all of the commercials. She also includes some awkward stories of trying to make friends for her and  her children. Elizabeth was not used to life on the outside world. Can you imagine not even knowing how to talk to a stranger? What to say to make someone interested in you? It is actually hard to read. You will feel nothing but sympathy for Elizabeth and her family.

The book goes on to tell how Elizabeth suffers from PTSD, depression, and general unrest. It is extremely hard for her to attend church. She suffers from terrible flashbacks at strange times and places. Obviously escaping the traps of cult life is not something that can be easily done. She documents her struggles to find a place where she is comfortable with her life.

Her story is one that needs to be told. There are many out there who are brainwashed into these fundamentalist groups and cannot escape. They know no other way of life and don't know how to handle the outside world. The fact that Elizabeth and her family escaped is Amazing! The fact that she has the guts to tell her story is something that cannot be overlooked. Elizabeth lives in California with her husband and five children.

More about Elizabeth can be found here:

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