Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When the Dead

When the Dead is a zombie novel by Michelle Kilmer. BUT, it is not your typical zombie novel. Sure, there are zombies and fighting, and blood and guts. There are also real people with real problems. A woman with an eating disorder, a violent recluse, a child with lots of questions, a teen girl, a gay man, an older couple, a pregnant woman, and others. This is a diverse cast of characters who decide to "trap" themselves in a secured access apartment building with three floors. Who will triumph? Who will die? What will they do for food and supplies? These and many more questions are answered throughout the story. The book does a wonderful job of presenting each character and their unique stories and worries. The zombies are here, but so are real human people who are doing everything they can to survive. Will they do well staying "trapped" or should they escape?

This story is filled with suspense, mystery, and surprises around every corner. You will feel sympathy for certain characters, and want to hurt others. Kilmer does such a great job of fleshing out the people that you will feel as if you are living alongside them. Ms. Kilmer is also just an all around awesome person. I made a comment about how "I could totally be friends with her", and she friended me on Facebook. She's a gamer and occasionally dresses up in full zombie gear. She also lives very close to a cemetery. See, I told you she was cool! What are you waiting on? Go out and get this book! You won't be disappointed.

When the Dead

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