Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Memories: The Suitcases by Anne Hall Whitt

This meme is brought to you via and My choice for this week is The Suitcases. Does anyone remember those Reader's Digest Condensed Books? Well my Mom used to have a huge collection of them. I remember wanting to read The Suitcases because it had a picture of little girls. I thought it was a kid's book. It dealt with some very adult subjects (child neglect, foster parent abuse, parental death) and it was a true story. I loved the story. I was intrigued by what would happen to the sisters. I will never forget Bennie, the hot cross buns, and the mean foster mother. I didn't know who Sonja Henie was, but I wanted that doll so bad. Of course the story is old by today's standards and I had never read the full version, only the condensed one. I searched for several years to find an original copy of the book. A few years back I was able to locate a first edition on Ebay. The book has been out of print for years. I still have that condensed version, which has been read more times than I can count. Ms. Whitt made me become a reader and have a great interest in children and made me want to become a teacher. The book is most likely difficult to find, but so worth a look at your library or used book store. Sadly Ms. Whitt passed away in 1996, I will never forget her story.

Sonja Henie


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  1. What a great story. Reader's Digest is a bit of a mysterious entity in my life so it's always fun to remember they actually sell books. I'll definitely be trying to hunt down a copy of this book.