Saturday, September 27, 2014

Review: Ten Tiny Breaths

This is my first NA read. I loved the storyline and the characters. I also liked that it ended the way it did. The story moved quickly and was full of action, drama, and romance. The main character Kacey is very edgy and has deep down issues. Trent is so easy to fall in love with, but he has issues too, issues that Kacey doesn't know about. I had the "twist" figured out very early on, but it didn't detract from me wanting to finish the story. The side characters were likeable and had interesting stories of their own. Yes, there are sex scenes and no this is not for children, adults only. I enjoyed this story and read it quickly. I'm not sure that I will read the next book in the series because it is not about the main characters, but about the side characters, although I am sure the writing is wonderful. Who knows, I may find time to fit the series in. I was impressed by this author. She has a new fan!

Product DetailsI did find this cover annoying. The main character has red hair not blonde. I hate when the cover doesn't match up to the writing, I find it very distracting,

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