Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Daemon Hall

This one was a unique read. It basically is several short stories disguised as a novel.  A horror writer hosts a contest to write the scariest story. Five teens are chosen. In order to win they must spend the night at a haunted house, with the author, while they tell ghost stories and read the stories they have written. The winner who survives the night, and has the best story, will have their book published. The five teen characters are a diverse cast. The jock, the goth, the scaredy cat, the kid who freaks out, and the inner city kid, are all here. The horror writer is a scary character and you never know quite what his motivations are. Most of the short stories are well written. Some of them are not that scary, but everyone is scared by something different, and there are many options here to fulfill your needs. The main problem I had with the book was the epilogue. I didn't like it and thought it distracted from the main story. It could have been left out and the book ending would have been alright. There are a few illustrations throughout, which in my opinion, add to the stories. This book would be good for middle grade readers, young adult reluctant readers, and adult readers who like their scares to not be over the top. There is nothing too gory and no bad language. The main story will make you stretch your imagination, but isn't that what this type of book is supposed to do?! After the ending of the main storyline, in my opinion, there isn't an opportunity for a sequel, yet we are supposed to believe that the author is conducting another contest, therefore another overnight stay. Daemon Hall's author should know that horror readers catch on quick and are smart cookies. After what happens to the five contestants, it is really hard to imagine another contest. At any rate, the stories are a nice mix of scares. The book is a quick read and might be the perfect pick for a Halloween read to share with your children.

Daemon Hall

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